Music is in my soul.

Singer, songwriter, musician. Yuni Rain, was born in Perth Amboy, New Jersey. The number twelve had a strong significance to Yuni since birth because he was born on the twelfth day of the twelfth month of the year twelve minutes after midnight. The name Yuni Rain was given to him through a combined effort by both his grandparents. His grandfather Diego Millan, who was the strongest influence in his life, named him “Yuni” after the pronunciation of the Japanese word for the number twelve. “Rain” came from his grandmother because it was raining on the day of his birth. His grandparents raised him closely with his parents in between Yabucoa, Puerto Rico and Carteret, New Jersey.

“In order to find your balance in this life, you must first lose your balance,” was a quote repeatedly told to him as a boy by his grandfather, which eventually became his rule of living. Much of Yuni’s musical, spiritual, and cultural influences came from his grandfather, a well-known jazz musician who became a minister and built his own church in his native Puerto Rico. He passed away from heart complications when Yuni was 12 years old. Even if it may have seemed like something had ended; it made room for something new to be created in the world. So ironically, following his Grandfather’s passing came the birth of Yuni’s music.

Yuni discovered that he had a talent for music after he taught himself how to play piano and the guitar. He also had a knack for writing songs, and by his 13th birthday, had written a total of over 400 songs. As a young teenager, he was a quiet and shy person who didn’t want any attention over him. Eventually, his family started to notice his talent and encouraged the precocious youth to perform for their church. Family reunions, church on Sundays, and local parties all became the first stages that he performed and where he first found his voice.

Together with a friend, he created an 8-track demo, which was released to close family and friends. The songs they created were about God, love, loss, and dreams yet to come intertwined with R&B and Latin rhythms. His music eventually branched to the growing social network MYSPACE and YOUTUBE shortly afterwards. It wasn’t long before people began requesting to hear more music by him. Eventually, Yuni Rain found himself flying across the country to becoming a contestant on NBC’s The Voice.

Although not advancing, the experience left an indelible mark on him and made him more determined than ever to succeed in the music industry. Beyond the sheet music and the chorus is a young man that has learned to persevere despite the obstacles that he faced. After facing a near death experience in a car accident, Yuni Rain has learned that hardships give you something to live for. Regardless of how hard things may be they are what define you in the end. He doesn’t consider himself to be broken, even if things can’t be fixed. This drive and motivation is what pushes him on to all his future endeavors.

Yuni Rain doesn’t wear his unique heart on his sleeve; instead he wears it on his shoulders as a reminder to keep moving forward, saying to himself there’s always work to be done and weight to be lifted.